You have a drug test coming up and you’re panicking about failing it. Don’t worry because there are a few ways that might help you pass it.

Flush Out Your System
You can flush out your system, but this involves drinking fluids in abundance. How this works is you drink a lot of water on a daily basis, as well as other fluids such as cranberry juice. However, some tests do involve testing the hair strands, which means flushing your system will likely not work. If you’re going to be given a urine test, then flushing out your system with water may help.

Specialty Shampoos
There are specialty shampoos that you can use if your drug test involves testing your strands. You can use Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo for a few weeks leading up to your test, or as directed. Make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle exactly as they are laid out, otherwise you could fail.

Fake Urine
One of the most common ways people pass drug tests that are administrated via cup is to use fake urine. If you decide to use fake urine, then make sure you invest in a high-quality product that includes everything you need to pass. The fake urine should contain contents that are very similar to real urine, at least in the eyes of the test results.

There are supplements that have been formulated to help people pass drug tests. These supplements come in various forms, such as powders, drinks, and pills. However, not all supplements are created equal and some work, while others don’t work. If you decide to buy and use supplements, then do your research and choose ones that have been produced with high-quality ingredients that are natural. Proceed with caution because you don’t want to put something in your body that could potentially cause harm or unwanted side effects.

Diet & Exercise
Another way to pass a drug test is to do it naturally by dieting and exercising. It’s recommended that you start a serious dieting and exercise routine at least 6-8 weeks of your test date. Eat completely clean and stick to fruits, veggies, nuts, oats, and low-fat milk. Drink plenty of water during these next few weeks, too.

As for exercise, do it at least 5-6 days per week. When you work up a sweat, then the toxins in your body will be removed. This is exactly what you want, but the idea is to do it almost daily, that way by the time you take your test, toxins from the substances you used won’t be in your body or there will be very little of it, but shouldn’t show up in the results.

The above ways might help you pass a drug test. Just remember, the only guaranteed way to pass is to stop doing drugs altogether and let them exit your system naturally.

Drug testing is a method where a person has to go through drug tests and lab analysis to determine whether he is using drugs or is in any form of drug addiction. In drug tests, the standard procedures are to follow a series of predefined tests to check for drug traces in the human system. There are different options to take samples for the drug test such as collecting the blood sample, urine sample, or hair follicle to check and analyze.

Why Drug Testing

The tests are one of the ways to make sure the person is not taking any illegal substance or suffering from substance abuse issues. These test both schedule or random are common in organizations where the employers want to confirm that all his employees do not have an addiction. If an applicant turned out to be a drug user, it could have severe implications such as suspension or termination from a job, admission refusal in a college, or sports contract termination for an athlete.

Another reason for why drug testing is common is because at times when a patient uses a medicine they get addicted to it and take overdoses of prescribed, and such dependency is dangerous and may even lead to a person overall health deterioration.

Drug tests are potent means to check for any drug use. A drug test will result positive for the intake of morphine, alcohol, cocaine, and addiction to any antidepressant.

A simple drug test is easy to execute and there are home drug testing available where a person may do the drug testing himself, or a family member may do the random drug test for a person they fear is using drugs. Some home tests are the urine check and blood testing. A more reliable method is going for a proper lab testing where sampling firmly establish whether a person is using drugs or not.

You will find that most medical facilities have a system of the test in place and you can reach out to these labs for complete lab analysis. In lab tests, you will get the urine and blood test results on the same day or even in a couple of hours. In the case of hair testing, it may sometimes take a few days to get the lab reports.

All in all, it is necessary to go for these test, and if you suspect such tests a routine in your organization of college, it is in your best interest to schedule the tests. In instances where you have a drug problem and the reports establishes your dependency of drugs you should go for rehab and reach out to family and friends to seek the help you need.

Drug testing is one of the measures an organization can take to confirm if workers or those applicants who are appearing for job openings are taking drugs. These test can check for most types of drugs including alcohol, prescription drugs, and banned substances. The drug testing policies is explicitly a part of the organization policy, and all employees in the organization agree to such test on a schedule or random basis. Apart from organizations, the athletic commissions, sports scholarship programs, and other security agencies carry of the drug testing regularly.

The Reason for Drug Tests

People who are addicted to drugs or struggle with substance abuse suffer from mental, physical and emotional issues. Organizations thrive on productive and active employees and do not wish to associate themselves with workers who are addicts and are a burden on the overall business. In most organizations, a system is in a place where the employees have the opportunity to get the help they need at rehabilitation centers and agreeing to the treatment will allow them to return to their workplace after full recovery. However, some organizations and sports commissions have a zero tolerance policy, and if a person turns out to be an addict, they will have to leave the team or workplace.

Samples Taken for Drug Tests

The most common type of such tests are urine sampling, and blood sampling. These test will catch the traces of drugs in a human system, and the lab results are always accurate of these test. However, for more accuracy, other criteria such as the hair follicle test are common where hair sample will give the results. As opposed to a urine test where a person may be able to pass it with some concealment, it is difficult to clear the hair tests, as traces of drugs remain in the human system for weeks and months.

When These Tests Takes Place

Drug tests are standard in many instances. The tests are common pre-employment, and many organizations have the policy to test the candidates before they get the appointment. Sometimes the test basis is a reasonable suspicion, where the supervisor feels that employee behavior and action are such that there is a chance he may be using the drugs. To clear the doubt, the supervisor will call in for these tests. Random testing is a process that is not on any schedule, and the purpose is to take a drug test where employees do not have the chance to remove the toxin from their systems and dodge the tests. In sporting events, a random drug test is widespread, and athletes are often asked to appear before a health commission for a drug test.